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Name: J.T. Blevins
Website: http://www.toonjet.com/
Age: 47

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Favorite cartoons: Hmm. Where to begin... TMNT, Looney Tunes, Classic Toons, Ren and Stimpy, Happy Tree Friends, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Spongebob Squarepants, Teen Titans Go

Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, Star Trek (original, TNG), Game of Thrones

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter series

Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, spending time with the family, website programming, watching movies, playing drums, listening to punk and heavy metal music

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toonjet posted a comment on Ding Dong Doggie:
"betty boop rox"
toonjet posted a comment on Bugs Bunny Rides Again:
"Okay, the toons are up and running again! Please let me know if you find any more bugs!"
toonjet posted a comment on Ancient Fistory:
"I know, me too!"
toonjet posted a comment on Baseball Bugs:
"I think this is probably one of my all-time favorite Bugs cartoons. Of course, I love 'em all!"
toonjet posted a comment on Spooky Swabs:
"Please hang loose, the audio isn't working on "Spooky Swabs" at the moment, but I'm working to correct that. Check back in a little bit, and it should be corrected. Thanks!! --J.T."
toonjet posted a comment on Skeleton Dance:
toonjet posted a comment on Stop That Noise:
"Stop that noise, Pudgy!"
toonjet posted a comment on Secret Agent:
"Just watching this makes me realize where they got the inspiration for Batman: The Animated Series. I love to watch these old crime noir cartoons!"
toonjet posted a comment on The Last Ha-Ha:
"Cool, welcome to ToonJet!"
toonjet posted a comment on Jungle Drums:
"I agree, classic toons are a big part of our culture,and I'd watch them 24/7 if I could!"
toonjet posted a comment on A Haul in One:
"Some of the cartoons have different player versions which may use different versions of flash or may use javascript. You may want to upgrade your flash player, try a newer browser, or enable javascript. Thanks for the question!"
toonjet posted a comment on Bugs Bunny Rides Again:
"holgerwut, try refreshing the page. I just fixed a bug like this a couple days ago, so it might be cached in your browser. If that doesn't work, leave me the URL where it happened. Thanks!!"

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About Me

Well, I will admit it...I'm a workaholic. When I'm not actually at work, I am usually working on websites or drawing comic books in my spare time. That is, in between watching movies and reading comics, etc. I like playing PS4, Switch, Wii-U and XBOX 360 :D I have a pretty extensive comic book collection (over 2,000), including some Batman, Spider-Man, and X-Men comics from the 1960's.

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