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Popeye: Parlez Vous Woo

popeye, popeye the sailor, cartoon, cartoons, watch cartoons online, classic tv, classic television, vintage television, vintage cartoons, kids cartoons, cartoon network, toonjet, fleischer, famous studiosPopeye: Parlez Vous Woo
Director: Izzy Sparber
Studio: Famous Studios
Released: Friday October 12, 1956
Popeye and Olive Oyl sit in the living room, as Olive watches a soap opera. Popeye gets restless because they had a date to go to the movies. A man on television announces a competition for a date with one of the men on TV. Bluto overhears from outside their window, and shows up at the door dressed in a tux. Olive thinks she has won the contest, and Popeye and Bluto have to compete for her affection.
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